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Corefit’s unique online training program is the perfect way to fit regular workouts into your busy schedule. After your personal trainer creates your customized program, you can download it to your laptop or phone so you can do your workouts anywhere.


Online workouts are an effective tool. According to studies:

  • In-person and online weight loss programmes produced similar results – based on a 12 week study1
  • Online weight loss counselling programmes have resulted in decreases in fat mass, blood pressure, and cholesterol and an increase in physical activity2
  • Obese and overweight users of online based weight loss programmes achieved a 4.5% reduction in weight3

Take advantage of our expertise with our online personal training

Personal programmes designed for your needs and goals come with all of our offerings.  You can now have the power of a Personal Trainer to mentor you to where you want to be.


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Enjoy a free half-hour training session at our studio. Meet our trainers and try some of the exercises to ensure Corefit is the right fit for you.

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