Discover how improving the health and wellbeing of your employees can improve your bottom line.

Corporate Wellness Statistics

Business productivity and performance is directly connected to the health and well-being of employees.


Investment in Corporate Wellness

By helping your staff achieve a healthier quality of life you create a positive workplace culture as well as boost your bottom line.

Employment Costs

• In a study of 185 workers who participated in a Corporate Wellness programme, every dollar invested in the programme yielded $6 in health care savings1
• In another study, lost work days declined by 80%2
• There is a lower attrition rate with healthy employees – reducing costly turnovers3


• The healthier your team the happier they will feel increasing performance
• The increase in sense of community by participating together in a wellness programme helps improve teamwork in day to day activity

Corefit Advantage

Each and every programme is unique with Corefit. We tailor a Corporate Wellness programme to address your needs. Our team of wellness experts and professional trainers build programmes that achieve the results you want. Our team creates options as varied as your team. Accessible for all age groups and challenges, we create programmes perfectly suited for your staff based on age, history, fitness level and activity preferences. We make sure it's the right balance of challenge to increase fitness, variety to ensure interest, and fun to make sure your team wants to keep coming back and stay engaged. Corporate Wellness is both challenging and fun!

On-site programmes focused on your team’s well-being

To ensure your corporate wellness programme is as easy and accessible our trainers come to your location and work with your team’s schedule.

Here are just some of the programmes we offer:

• Regular early morning or lunchtime exercise classes
• Yoga and Pilates – improve core strength while reducing stress
• Zumba – employees will have so much fun they may forget they’re working out
• Bootcamps – a great way to kick start your team’s fitness programme
• Customized training for a specific race, competition or other team building event
• Lunch & Learn classes on nutrition and other wellness topics

How can Corefit help?

We are passionate about fitness and committed to helping you achieve results through our proven training methods. Always energetic and reliable trainers keep those of all ages and fitness levels motivated and improving.


“The healthier your team is, the happier they will feel and the better they will perform.” - Guy Dufour, Personal Trainer & Founder

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1-3 Harvard Business Review