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Be Strong

Be Strong

Keeping your body strong is not only ideal for improved body composition but also will help with posture and injury prevention.

Be Confident

Be Confident

A strong body helps with peace of mind in feeling your improved movement and ability to carry out your daily routine better.

Reduce Medication

Reduce Medication

A strong and healthy body can help you reduce or eliminate the need for regular medication, which, in turn, reduces unhealthy side effects.

Be Pain Free

Be Pain-Free

Stronger muscles will reduce or eliminate joint pain and a stronger core and posterior chain will help with lower back pain.


Corefit Team

It's About Movement

Strength, power and confidence.
The best you can provide for your health.


One on One private training:

  • Get a workout programme designed specifically for you – one size does not fit all
  • Learn the correct way to do exercises and use equipment
  • Respect your time – our equipment is dedicated to your needs when you need it
  • Our Studio has unique equipment not available everywhere and helps individualize our programmes
  • Motivation with ongoing encouragement and support

Your Goals Shape Your Programme

No matter your current level of fitness, your age, or ambition, we have the right experience and expertise to guide you. Whether you're focussed on Core Conditioning, Therapeutic Training to recover from injury, Performance for Competitive Athletes, Recreational Training to help that golf swing or tennis game, or getting back your peak shape after a pregnancy – we have years and depth of knowledge to guide your goals.

We look at all aspects of your fitness level and lifestyle to determine how best to reach your goals :

  • Daily activity: do you do a lot of sitting at a desk, or are you always out and about? Sitting is quickly becoming the new smoking, and we are only now learning that even a day's worth of constant sitting can be more harmful than was previously believed.
  • Age and fitness history: even though we would prefer it not to be a factor, age does play a role in our ability to improve, gain strength, and build muscle and flexibility. Let's be clear, however: we are firm believers that it is never too late to begin!
  • Condition or illness: Have you or are you recovering from an illness? Are you working through challenging weight gain? Good for you! Most situations ce of timing, a targeted and tailored programme, and the right team, attitude, and focus. Yes, it requires your commitment.  With the right attitude, we can get you there.

At Corefit, we will:

  • Work with you to understand your current fitness level and goals
  • Create a completely customized workout programme, just for you
  • Give you our undivided attention during every one-hour session
  • Monitor your progress and make adjustments in your programme to ensure you continually improve

Reach your fitness goals faster.

Throughout your programme, your Corefit personal trainer will track everything you do and push you at every session to beat the results of your previous one. By changing exercises and training variables—reps, resting time—your body won’t adapt and will keep progressing. Typically, our clients achieve noticeable physical and mental changes within 4 to 6 weeks.


It is never too late to make it happen!



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