Rule #1: Exercise first thing in the morning AND exercise everyday. You are visiting family or have relatives staying over, your day will be filled with nieces and nephews wanting to play, or sitting and talking for hours with your family members. Either way, you won’t want to get up and go workout. Exercising as soon as you get up will 1) set you up for an energetic and more fulfilling day and 2) allow you to enjoy those family moments without having in the back of your mind the nagging thought that you have to workout.

Rule #2: Make momentum your ally. The night before you promised yourself you’d go for a run but now your bed is so comfy and warm. Get up and tell yourself instead of a run, you are going for a 10 minute walk and then coming back to bed. Once you get started, that walk will turn into a light jog pretty quickly. Focus on getting started.

Rule #3: Keep it short and sweet. A 15 or 30 minute workout can be an amazing one. Don’t think you HAVE to be in the gym for 1 hour or more. Shock your body. Do something different. Do a full body workout instead of focusing on one or two bodyparts. Try supersets or circuit training to get more done in less time. Even a 10 minute workout is better than not training at all.

The “Get Out of Bed” routine

Exercise                             Sets / Repetitions                             Rest Intervals / Directions

Air Squats                          2-3 sets / 10 to15 reps                     No rest, go right into the pushups

Pushups                             2-3 sets / 8 to 12 reps                      No rest, transition to the door body rows

Door Body Rows               2-3 sets / 15 reps                             No rest, move on to the lunges

Alternating Lunges           2-3 sets / 8 to 10 reps                      Now you can rest! Take 60-120 seconds and do one or two more sets.


Door Body Row starting/finish position

Door Body Row starting position | Door Body Row finish position



Door Body Row finish position