This scenario has happened to almost all of us, unfortunately probably more than once. Losing weight is always at the top of the list for New Year’s resolutions and maybe you were amongst those that swore that this year, they would improve their body composition. Now, a few months later, how is that resolution going? Possibly… not as well as planned. We know that to lose fat we need to exercise, eat healthy and get proper amounts of sleep. However, we rarely talk about the mental aspect. From my personal experience and while working with clients as a personal trainer, I have come to learn that the psychological aspect is the principal reason in determining your success or failure when it comes to your fitness goals.

Why does why matter?

You say “I want to lose 10 pounds”, but really you don’t. Dig deeper, why 10 pounds? Is it so you can fit comfortably in your clothes, have more energy, be able to play with your grandkids? Truth is, it is not 10 pounds that you want to lose, it is what that 10 pounds represents to you. Once you have determined your real reason(s), focus on why you want to achieve that goal. The more whys, the more meaningful they are, the easier it will be to stay strong in moments of weakness. Really commit to your whys by writing them down.

You are smarter than you think!

Anthony Robbins says “ask dumb questions and you will get dumb answers”. If you ask, why am I so fat? Your brain will give you an answer. Instead, focus your energy on smarter questions. How can I make exercising fun in order to look forward to my workouts? What strategies can I implement that will allow me to make healthier food choices? Think of smart questions and I guarantee that your brain will find an answer.2015-02-06 09.56.24

The power of Internal talk

I’ve tried everything. I just can’t lose weight. You’ve probably heard those statements before, maybe even used them or at least thought them yourself. And if you’ve said them, what did your brain tell you? “YOUR RIGHT!”, you’ve tried everything.” “You can’t lose weight, it’s too hard”. We all can imagine what happens next. We go back to our old ways. Back to that comfort zone. Success leaves cues. Look at the area of your life that you have succeeded in. What did you tell yourself? What did you say when times were tough? If you can’t think of a past experience, make a mantra. A mantra is a statement that you repeat frequently. Think of a sentence that will help you keep moving forward. Have fun with it.

When it comes to fitness, we often overestimate what we can do in 1 or 2 months and underestimate what can be accomplished in 12-18 months. Determine why you want to make the change and what it means to you. Ask smart questions that will lead you towards your goal and formulate a mantra that you will repeat everyday. Armed with these tools, you can now improve your diet, exercise and give your body appropriate rest in order to achieve the physique that you desire. After all, health and fitness is a journey. You might as well enjoy the process.

Yours in fitness,

Guy Dufour