The H1N1 flu is the hottest health topic at the moment. You may or may not want to get the vaccine. However, regardless on your position on the vaccine, here are 3 simple ways to boost your immunce system naturally.

Number 1: Increase your intake of vitamin D. This vitamin plays a key role. We can get our vitamin D from the sun. Sunblock and the reduced amount of sunlight in the winter both contribute to lower our absorption and make most of us deficient on this vitamin. A note of caution: supplementation is a very good way to bring up your level of vitamin D however be careful not to over do it. There is a toxic level for vitamin D. Your best option is to get tested to determine your current level and act accordingly.

Number 2: Stay away from highly refined sugar. They will reduce your immune system. Instead, try to eat whole foods that haven’t been processed. Vegetables and fruits are great alternatives.

Number 3: Reduce your amount of stress. Stress will weaken your immune system. Make sure you are fully rested and take it a little easier on yourself. The minor loss of productivity surely beats getting sick and missing 3 days of work.

Although we should always be taking care of our body, this flu season is a great reminder that we have to stay vigilant not only about our health but also about the system that protects us: our immune system.

Yours in health,
Guy Dufour